Online Shopping SCAM - Seller Name "LEN MABS" "Michelle Joy Cruz"

Be careful with this kind of scam using facebook or other social media as a tool or way of their transaction. They tend to private themselves and doesn't show any information on public. They ask for downpayment usually through Western Union or other Money transfer as a mode of payment. They are inconsistent with pricing and with a very low price compared to the market. These people are also using technology and they are really good at it. I'm sure they have so many victims online especially on social media like FACEBOOK as a common area where they can get people. They really tend to post photos and tag them.

One person using this style is using a name "Len Mabs" in facebook and she is using " Michelle Joy Cruz". I to allow others to know that this person is using this name so that other people who are in doubt will know that this person is a scammer. She tends to use this as her address or information 402 Landcome Vill Queenline Ave. Baguio City and her Birth date as March 4, 1988.

Here is a sample of my conversation and you can really see here that she gave a number. Infact before that she is really convincing me to buy telling that last item and tend to tell to pay in full P 35,000.

There are other scammers online using Social Media aside from FACEBOOK. Be warned, be Alert, and be Wise...