Art #27: A Special Grandmother (Argie P. Yañez) Photography

This is my Grandmother. The mother of my mom. She is known as Comemoracion Atad Padilla. Well, my grandma is so funny person and loving with great kindness. I do really like her of being the way she is to me and even also the way she is to my brothers and sister as well as to my cousins. I am blessed and thankful of having her as my grandmother because of the way who she is. This mother's day, I will never allow a chance to be kept aside. I'll take every opportunity that I can grab to spend time with her. Because she deserves it. By her I exist and by her I am not be like this without her. I took this photo as a remembrance and a way of love from me. I love you Lola! Happy Mother's Day!

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