Juan Luna

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Juan Luna (October 23, 1857 — December 7, 1899) was an Ilocano Filipino painter, sculptor and a political activist of the Philippine Revolution during the late 19th century. He became one of the first recognized Philippine artists.
His winning the gold medal in the 1884 Madrid Exposition of Fine Arts, along with the silver win of fellow Filipino painter Félix Resurrección Hidalgo, prompted a celebration which was a major highlight in the memoirs of members of the Propaganda Movement, with the fellow Ilustradostoasting to the two painters' good health and citing their win as evidence that Filipinos and Spaniards were equals.
Regarded for work done in the manner of the Spanish and French academies of his time, Luna painted literary and historical scenes, some with an underscore of political commentary. His allegorical works were inspired with classical balance, and often showed figures in theatrical poses.( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Luna)


I. The Death of Cleopatra (1881)

II. The Parisian Life (1882)

III. Spolarium (1884)

IV. The Blood Compact – “El Pacto de Sangre” (1884)

V. The Battle of Lepanto – “ La Batalla de Lepanto” (1887)

Juan Luna inspired me in the area of painting. An intelligent and creative artist. It motivates me to develop my skill more in the area of painting. It will be a great hope that hundred years from now people will also remember my name as an ARTIST.


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