Paint Brushes: Are you an artist?

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Today is Wednesday... Now, lets talk again about arts...There are many kinds of paintbrushes that are used for painting through applying ink or paint. These kinds of brushes are usually created by clamping the bristles to a handle with a ferrule. In every kind of brush it has its unique use and purpose.The short handled brushes are for watercolor or ink painting and the other long handled brushes are for oil or any acrylic paint

These are the kinds of paintbrushes:


Round: This kind of brush is used for details.

Flat: This is used in spreading the paint quickly and it is used also to evenly spread over the surface.

Bright: This is a flat brush with short stiff bristles. It is good for driving paint into the weave of a canvas in commonly thinner paint applications, even also in any thicker painting designs like impasto.

FilbertThis is a flat brush with domed on its ends. It is used with good coverage and it is good to use with its ability to form details.

Fan: This is commonly used for blending any board areas of the paint.

Angle: This kind of brush is very versatile in its use and it can be used in both general painting and other detail work.

Mop: This kind of brush is large with an edge that is round for broad soft paint application and even for getting thinner glazes over other existing drying layers of paint without damaging any lower layers.

Rigger: This is a round brush with longish hairs. Usually, it is used for painting the rigging among images of ships. This is very useful in any fine lines and is very effective for both oils and watercolors.

There are many kinds of paintbrushes...these are just common kinds of brushes that are commonly used.

I hope you've learned things regarding my input for today... 
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  1. weeeeeeeeeeeee.. learned a lot here.
    I only know of the round, flat, filbert, and fan..hehehe amazing talaga..see how different brushes are used so uniquely..:)
    Salamat at hindi ako gaanung nagnosebleed, thAnks to the links! hahaha!

    Posted on July 21, 2010 at 1:31 AM

  2. ARJAY Said,

    There are more brushes....but those are basic and commonly used pud...congratulations...
    Many saw those brushes but they don't know its use...weee

    Posted on July 21, 2010 at 1:53 AM