Age You Marry vs "Baggage" You Carry

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Does the age in which you wed determine the challenges in your marriage?

Psychology explains, that as we grow, we develop aspects of our personalities that help us gain inner strength. The virtues that you learn, or not learn at this age will affect how your personality develops.

Every seven years, from the time we are born, we go through stages of discovering who we are.

At age 18 to 21 years of age, you have a clear picture about yourself. It's when you don't properly develop all the qualities you need up to this point, that most people experience an "identity crisis."

By the time you reach 35 years of age, you might even experience a second identity crisis if the issues of your youth were not settled previously.

The ideal time to marry is around your late 20's onwards. This is when you've developed a strong sens of who you are and what your values are. And since you've explored the world, you are ready to welcome another person into your life.

This assumes that the person has truly reached a certain maturity level and the people entering into the marriage have tested each other's values to see if they match. More often than not, the relationship works because their love for each other is bigger than themselves. 

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