A King Is Born - We are the reason for the season...

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Tom Inglis (Ron Kenoly)Written by Sy Goraieb, Tim Hosman

Chorus 1
A King is born
He is in the manger now
A King is born
Humbly come and humbly bow
The tiny Lord
Reaching out a tiny hand
A King is born
This day in Bethlehem

Verse 1
A King is born this day
In Bethlehem hallelujah
No crown is worn
But angels worship Him
Halle hallelujah
Almighty God so meek so mild
Salvation comes
Through this holy Child

Verse 2
His palace is lowly
His throne is made of hay hallelujah
The shepherds bow down to see
His holy face halle hallelujah
Heaven is singing of peace on earth
Filled with the wonder of this birth

Chorus 2
A King is born
Everybody praise His name
A King is born
We will never be the same
The tiny Lord
Reaching out His mighty hand
A King is born
This day in Bethlehem

Misc 1

Come humbly and humbly bow
He's in the manger now

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