Opps #3: Talent is Part

Posted by Posted by ARJAY On 11:53 PM

In art, part of my interest is logo and design. This stuff gets my attention in creating stuff. I find it helpful and interesting because of its help in activities in our church community, working place, and even other activities inside or outside our church. Well, it is not that easy as a starter and it would not be that to fast to learn for this stuff because it takes time for it to learn. Anyway, all things works with interest that is present because you tend to be more patient and eager to learn. Through that, it would not be that difficult to learn due to an attitude that is present or shown. It is not only creating logos but making it to be creative and artistic with its design. I am having a hard time of this matter because my knowledge and Idea of this stuff is so limited to think of. I am not skilled or full of knowledge but I tried so many times to learn this matter in extending more patience to make it more easier for me to learn. Even though situations make me having a difficulty but I am did not lose hope. How can you make it unique and makes it represent the group or the organizational logo. Well, that is the most important thing and the basic. Many questions are still on my mind and still now bothering me on how to answer those. But, I have the heart to fight and learn from it.