Art 46#: Leaves Power by Argie P. Yañez

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 Leaves are really part of beauty. Without them, we can't appreciate the beauty of flowers, trees, and others. Imagine a tree without leaves, flowers that doesn't have leaves, or any plant that doesn't have any leaves. Leaves are really that important to our nature in life. What will happen to herbal medicine if there's no leaves. What would be the color of our surrounding without the color green. Since most of the leaves are in green color. What will happen to our food. Some foods where taken from leaves. Every creatures has its reason why they exist. In other words, every existence of creatures has a constant reason or explanation on why they exist. The same in art. We cannot appreciate the beauty of painting or art work if there's lacking on it. Therefore, every creature like leaves are very important to us and even in our life or on how we deal life.

I took this photos as part of my interest in collecting stuffs. Since, photography is my hobby and taking pictures of it motivates me more to appreciate beauty. Try to look for those few samples of my photo collection.

Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color and...
Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color and absorbs light that is used in photosynthesis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green Tree on 6th Avenue
Green Tree on 6th Avenue (Photo credit: pixietart)

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