Real Resolutions For Real Person!

Posted by Posted by ARJAY On 12:56 AM

Here are five common resolutions, reworked and souped up for success!

1. I will lose or gain weight:
- Focusing on a commitment to a healthier lifestyle is a better resolve. Also, sticking to a proper wellness regimen will help.

2. I will save money:

    - Log every peso you spend for one week, then review where you're wasting your cash and where you can utilize it better.

3. I will do something to help the underprivileged:
    - It should be something you feel really strongly about, so that you have the drive to keep up the good works.

4. I will travel:

    - Instead of wanting to do the exotic locations, find a place you really want to see, get some tickets,a nd make reservations. Then go!

5. I will get a promotion/ better job:

    - Even if you are not getting that step up right now, there is no reason why you should not be working towards your future goals from today.

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