Travel: Don't forget first aid kit...

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On the way for a trip, you're more likely to get a stomachache or even fever as your body acclimatizes to a new environment. And you don't want to get caught in the middle of your friends/family vacation without proper medication, especially when you're traveling with others. Drugstores and clinics may not always be nearby, so it's better to think ahead and bring a first aid kit along with some other important stuffs to bring.

What to bring when in travel or in trip:

1. Anti-pyretics
2. Analgesics
3. Anti-emetics
4. Anti-vertigo
5. Antihistamines
6. Oral Re-hydration Solution
7. Anti-diarrhea
8. Burn ointment
9. Micropore
10. Eye drops
11. Scissors and tweezers
12. Band-aid
13. Thermometer
14. Gauze Bandage
15. Emergency and maintenance medicine
16. Betadine and alcohol

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