A Moment Like This

Posted by Posted by ARJAY On 11:47 AM

Hello, another time to spend and to say Glory be to the Lord. Anyway, as I was surfing the net. I found this british library newspapers and it got my attention on this thing to know more about. Well, enough for those stuff. This photo was taken at P-Joes in SM City. This photo was taken by my youngest brother and we had a great time eating. Things went well that day and it feel so good being with the family. I just make this photo unique and artistic to make it more attractive to look at. Hehehehe... Hopefully, some other time I could have more great moment to spend with my family. It feels so good to touch others and to see them smile and enjoy the moment. What a very special moment with them and being as one during that day. I was full at that time and we really like the place because of its decorative and attractive design.