What happened to Euphrates river?

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These following photos were taken by the New York Times (NYT). They found out that the Euphrates river is in  heavy drought that led the people there a problem in water source for drink and living for their farms. Euphrates river is the worlds longest river that connects to the Tigris river. What will happen to the people there? If this will worsen. According to the writers, Euphrates is now at knee level. Some news stated that the cause of drought was caused by the misuse of the other neighbor countries that led this drought.

Is this the sign of the end times?

The Bible stated in the book of Revelation regarding Euphrates that the river will be in drought for the preparation of the battle Armaggedon and for the coming of the antichrist. Is this the generation of the second of Christ? If so, lets be ready and prepared enough. Because, it was written in the book of Revelation 16 that the 6 seal will be poured out to the River Euphrates and it will dry.

Here are some photos of how Euphrates looks like today:

Dry earth in the Sonora desert, Mexico.Image via Wikipedia

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