Yummy Sunday: Express Donuts (ArgieP. Yañez) Photography

Posted by Posted by ARJAY On 10:50 PM

I love DONUTS... I eat donuts as part of my interest. I used to spend most of the time at the place where they sell donuts and it is known as DUNKIN DONUTS. It is the most known donuts station in Philippines and they call it "Pasalubong ng bayan" in Tagalog. I took this photo as part of my interest in photography and also as part that I love donuts. Well, this is an edited one to enhance its looks and to make the donut more focused. Eating is normal and part of life. I am just expressing my passion in art and photography through taking pictures. It was so happen that I love donuts so I took one of it.

Dunkin Donuts signImage via Wikipedia
Various donuts from the Dunkin' Donuts store i...Image via Wikipedia
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