Art #28: Leshan Gian Buddha (Haithong) (608-907AD)

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Leshan Giant Buddha is known as one of an ancient product of sculpture history. It was known to be built at the time of Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). This can be found in the province of China. The sculpture itself is carved from a cliff near the rivers and also near the city of Leshan. In the world, Leshan Giant Buddha is known as the largest stone Buddha in the world. The height is around 233 feet or 71 meters tall. We could really say that art is really a product of hardwork that can be done by hands of a creative individual. I really appreciate the work of this masterpiece as a unique with its creative placement or view. Even its nature of work as it is formed from a stone below itself is a river that flows. Art is really an expression that can be expressed and will only be revealed when it is expressed out by a creative mind and hardworking person that is willing to make the impossible possible with its creative design and look.

Leshan Giant BuddhaImage by Wilson Loo via Flickr
SDC12357Image via Wikipedia
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