Yummy Sunday: Lumpia (Filipino-Chinese Cuisine)

Posted by Posted by ARJAY On 6:07 PM

Another day about food. Well, this kind of Lumpia is a somewhat like a Philippine-Chinese style. I took this photo a long time ago. I still remember the birthday of the Nanuri International School Principal Mrs. Fancubit. This is just one among the foods prepared for that special day. I had a great time taking up photos and collecting the memorable event. Birthday is very common among us and when you talk about birthday, you will really know that part of it is about food. Because, when there is birthday. There will always be party and food are part of it. Hahahaha... I was full that time and I enjoyed the preparation of different kinds of food. Well, all I could say that eating is a nice hobby. Happy Yummy Sunday Everyone!

Sause with the veggies and the meaty lumpia from Peking House Restaurant.

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