Art #43: Flower Power (Argie P. Yañez Photography)

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There is what we call art on the things that we could see on our surroundings. Common example of that are those colorful flowers that adds beauty on our surroundings. Try to imagine a world without flowers. What will happen if that is the case? The wold uses flowers for women or as a token or a gift. During funerals, we use flowers for those who are in need of sympathy. How about beauty pageants. What will happen to a garden that has no flowers. We could only see the green things but no other colors on it. Now we realize how flowers are important to us even they are just a simple stuff that we use in every small or a short event or program. But to those who hate flowers. You try to look at on how they are important to us and on how they are very helpful by looking at their function as a part of creation. In every existence, there is what we call constant reason. The same to us as an individual or a human being. They have purpose and we also has an important purpose and a role to do for it. We should love life and learn to love ourselves and accept others who are same as ours. Respect, love and giving importance to each everyone makes life be more meaningful and fruitful.

English: main parts of a mature flower Español...
English: main parts of a mature flower Español: Anatomía simplificada de una flor. Leyenda en inglés. Para verla en español pincha aquí. Français : Anatomie simplifiée d'une fleur épanouie. Légende en anglais. Une version française est disponible (voir section "other versions"). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Art really is a general aspect that can touch any areas. Try to see clearly the beauty of a single flower.

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