Impeachment: The Chief Justice Renato Corona

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One of the most sensitive talk that can be found in News, Magazine, Rumors, Papers, Blogs, Internet, and other form of media in the Philippines today is the Impeachment of the Chief Justice in the Philippines. He is Chief Justice Renato Corona or known as CJ Corona. It shocked the Filipino's that even the Chief Justice has been involving a form of corruption. CJ was flashed in the public of having an involvement in money. He is linked as part of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo monkey business. Well, it was made fair for him that in which he was given a due process to show to the public that he is doing what is right and he was not linked to corruption. 

Here you can see some photos of that Impeachment process at the Senate.

We could see that former Chief Justice Corona pledge towards the Filipino community regarding the responsibilities of a true and honest Chief Justice as he will take the role of being a responsible individual.

A closer look of the former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

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